master og

An offspring of Master Kush and Empress Kush. What we like to call, the perfect Indica. This strain will leave you relaxed and sedated for hours to come.

Chem Scout Square.jpg

Chem scout

Chem Scout, the product of crossing Girl Scout Cookies and Chem 91, provides an unparalleled head high coupled with a total body Zen.

True OG Square.jpg

true og

As its high consists not only of a soothing body high, but also a concentrated head high, True OG has become a very popular Indica strain.


wedding cake

A cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Cherrie Pie, Wedding Cake encompasses both a tangy sweet side and an earthy/spicy counterpart.


Papaya Front Square.jpg


Even though Papaya is technically an Indica strain, its effects are more similar to sativa.

GG5 Square.jpg


GG5 is the product of crossing strains GG1 and GG4, resulting in a prominent taste of Diesel.

Mimosa Square.jpg


Mimosa is known for its intense fruitiness due to its roots in Clementine and Purple Punch.