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The 2010 High

2010 is another one of our rare sativa strains. Used by many for its energetic cerebral effects but also welcoming a gentle body high. 2010 is a perfect strain for people who like to get that creative boost but also want to stay away from anxiety. It is effective in stimulating appetite, relieving depression, and treating migraines. The properties of CBD in this strain are also great for patients with epilepsy, arthritis, and gastrointestinal illneses.

Yesca indoor flower is grown with pure love and respect for the plant and the consumer. We package and maintain our buds in food-grade, nitrogen sealed cans for total freshness.

the sativa experience

We highly recommend listening to the Yesca Experience Sativa playlist on Spotify while enjoying our 2010 strain. The playlist has been specifically curated to accentuate the Sativa High and your smoking experience.

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